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Tantric therapy for men by Osher’s method healing is your opportunity to explore your sexuality, to release your body tensity and any stuck symptom that apear as a blockage in your life, and to:

    • Become more connected to yourself

    • Be more available to contain another person in your field

    • Open yourself to new levels of pleasures

This Tantric work is a method that was developed for men by Osher according his spiritual knowledge and personal experience. With Osher you may reveal in between 5 to 10 weeks the reasons to all what blocks you from using your maximum potential and celebrating the highest sexual levels you may experience after start practicing the tantric method.



Are you interested to visit Osher in ISRAEL and enjoy a

Private Tour just you and him to historical inspiring places:
Jerusalem, Dead Sea, Tel Aviv, Haifa, Nazareth, Juda Desert.
On the meantime to have an intense tantric process that will
heal your fears, worries, discreet depression or any blockage that is separating you from self fulfillment.
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tantric sex

Most people are embarrassed to speak about their sexuality
but feel kind coolness to ask about Tantra.

What do you know about Tantra?

Are you ever imagined that perhaps that there is better
sex and pleasure levels than you have experienced so far?
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